I provide manuscript editing, with rates based upon need, complexity, and turn-around time. Substantive editing is available for fiction works only (short stories, novellas, and novels).

The objectives of the edit are to:

  • Ensure elements as passion, theme, premise, and characters underlie the story and are employed effectively
  • Ensure viewpoint, dialogue, tense, pacing, etc. are appropriate to the story and used effectively
  • Enhance the work by noting instances when plot and story are not structured for maximum dramatic effect

BASE FEE: $1.25 per page ($125 minimum, 90,ooo maximum word count allowed); however, all rates are quoted and based upon need, complexity, and turn-around time.

Editing is labor-intensive work to produce a clean, clear, and concise manuscript. By no means does this produce a “perfect” manuscript (as perfection does not exist). Therefore, the role of the editor is to review, revise, recommended, and suggest. Editing will not improve poor writing. Rewriting and the final draft are the responsibility of the writer.

Editing will improve the manuscript by:

  • Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage while preserving meaning and style
  • Noting inconsistency in style and format
  • Enhancing overall clarity
  • Cross-checking references, character, locales, etc. for consistency with mentions throughout text
  • Identifying problems with clarity or accuracy
  • Reorganizing paragraphs, sections, or chapters to improve the order in which text and the overall story is presented
  • Reorganizing segments of text to improve readability and flow of information
  • Revising aspects of text to improve its presentation
  • Consulting with others about issues of concern
  • Noting gaps or mistakes in story logic

Turn-around time is dependent upon the manuscript’s length and overall condition. A general completion date will be determined after the manuscript is submitted.

For consideration:

  1. Contact me to check availability in editing schedule.
  2. If there is availability, ensure the manuscript file meets these guidelines:
    • 12-point font (preferably in Times New Roman or Garamond) on a letter-size page (8.5” x 11”) with 1-inch margins on all sides
    • Include a header on the manuscript that contains your first and last name
    • Ensure pages are numbered and numbered in sequential order
    • Use a page break between all chapters
    • Save your manuscript with this file specification: First name_Title of work
    • Manuscripts should be sent as a Word file or a PDF. Please do not send a PDF with security restrictions that prohibit printing
    • Attach your manuscript to the email. Manuscripts should be sent in one, continuous file, not as separate files for each chapter


  • Deposit: Once the manuscript is received, it will be reviewed for its general condition. If acceptable, a 50% deposit is due before the edit begins. The deposit must be remitted via PayPal.
  • Communication: During the edit, the editor may contact the writer for clarification. The writer is asked to respond to inquiries within 24 hours as to not delay the editing.
  • Cancellation: The editor reserves the right to cancel an edit at any time and will provide justification for the cancellation. The fee will be prorated by the number of edited ages.
  • Delivery: Once the edit is complete, the writer will receive an email with the first half of the manuscript. Once the remaining balance is submitted via PayPal, you’ll receive the second half of the completed manuscript. The two (scanned) PDF files will be double-spaced with notations, edits, suggestions, thoughts, comments, etc. between the lines and the margins of pages.